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‘Haven’ - Sea lion / Pakake harem at Sandy Bay Enderby Island.

A1: $1000, edition of 2
30x20: $800, edition of 10
A3: $150, edition of 100
A4: $70, edition of 200

The reference photo for this print was taken on Enderby Island, a predator-free island in the Auckland Islands group, in the Subantarctic Islands. That's a lot of islands a part of different islands! This is probably my favourite print because the photo I took from it seems so peaceful but all around, there was what can only describe as chaos! Male sea lions fighting, females yelling at each other. We had been prepared for it though, we were told a sea lion harem would be more sex and violence than a Tarantino movie! A truly memorable experience from my trip down to the Subantarctic Islands, we even got the pleasure of seeing a sea lion give birth which was pretty Special!

30% will be donated to Forest & Bird to support them in the awesome work they do for New Zealand's native flora and fauna!

Sealion Fact!
Sea lions are impregnated soon after they give birth which means they spend most of their life pregnant. A threat to the NZ sea lion / pakake is from commercial fishery bycatch from squid fisheries. If a female sea lion gets caught and killed as bycatch, three animals are being killed. The mum, the baby in its tummy and the most recent pup that is dependent on its mum.

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Fine Art Giclée Prints. Originally painted with acrylic on canvas.