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Darling Reunion

Darling Reunion

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‘Darling Reunion’ - Two Southern Royal Albatross at Campbell Island

A1: $1000, edition of 2
30x20: $800, edition of 10
A3: $180, edition of 60
A4: $100, edition of 80

The reference photo for this print was taken on Campbell Island as we walked through the tussocks and mega herbs that decorated the island. Southern Royal Albatross are one of the largest species of albatross, along with the Wandering Albatross and can have a wingspan over 3 metres! The Southern Royal are monogamous, where only some pairs get divorced. Most of the population breed on Campbell Island, which I believe is pest free apart from mice. Mice may seem harmless to these giant aves but mice will eat them alive when the albatross are sitting on an egg and they won't get up and leave because they are so loyal to their young!

30% will be donated to the Royal Albatross Centre / Otago Peninsula Trust 

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Fine Art Giclée Prints. Originally painted with acrylic on canvas.