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Subantarctic Islands

At the end of 2022 I got the privilege of getting a scholarship with Heritage Expeditions to go to the Subantarctic islands.

As part of that scholarship, I am now an ambassador!

To share this experience, I have set a goal to paint at least one painting a month from photos I took of my trip which I plan to make prints of to sell.

30% of earnings will be donated to a different charity or community group that do a part or service to our beautiful environment!

Subantarctic Island's Prints

Edinburgh Premier Art Awards

'Rockpool Rendezvous'

Exhibition open 5th August - 2nd September 2023

Otago Art Society's 147th Annual Art Exhibition

'Darling Reunion'

My piece on two Southern Royal Albatross captured at Campbell Island, 'Darling Reunion' received a special mention at the OAS annual awards on the 30th of June.

Exhibition open 1st July - 22nd July 2023

Buy the 'Darling Reunion' print!

Cleveland National Art Awards 2023


A national exhibition held every year by Otago Art Society at the Dunedin Railway Station. 

Exhibition open to public 6th May - 3rd June 2023

Buy the 'Haven' print!